June 15, 2024



Since its inception in 1935, Johore Pipe Company has expanded its operations to encompass a varied product range of vitrified clay pipes. The Company is proud to have undertaken Malaysia’s first sewerage project undertaken by the Kuala Lumpur Municipality, and Singapore’s first sewerage works in 1952.

In 1983, JPC-INTAN SDN BHD (JPC-INTAN) was established to undertake major sewerage projects. JPC-INTAN has gained the distinction of producing the largest pipes (with a diameter of 700mm) in the ASEAN region in year 2005.

Following a comprehensive study of current vitrified clay pipes and having incorporated the latest technologies, JPC-INTAN has launched its latest innovative product, the Jo-Lock Jacking Pipe.

Jo-Lock Jacking Pipe provides the best solution for the complementation of development plans in densely-built cities without involving movement or disruption of roads, buildings, cables and drains. The jacking method using these pipes is the best choice for pipe installation particularly in these situations.

JPC-INTAN ensures that products are technically appropriate and superior for today’s demanding construction environment. The controlled blending of clays and state of the art manufacturing processes, especially in the up to 100 hours precession in firing control, have contributed to the production of vitrified clay pipes of the highest quality in terms of strength, durability, weight to length ratio and dimensional accuracy.

The design of the jointing system for our vitrified clay pipes ensures that it is economical to install, operate and maintain with considerably less wastage of materials and time at site.

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